Sunday, September 23, 2012

Law and Econ Project, Update IX

The revisions that I foresaw in August were to:

(1) update Chapter One and the wealth maximization stuff;
(2) "think about revising the material on organ markets in light of Michael Sandel's book, What Money Can't Buy";
(3) and to print out a new, complete version.
In some sense I have accomplished all three, though the thinking about Sandel's book and organ markets has not resulted in any alterations to this point. The changes to Chapter One were pretty extensive, and I also changed the vice material in Chapter Five quite a bit -- though that chapter remains in flux.

What next? I think that I will prepare a subsection on the Sandel critique and organ markets, although whether it makes it into the manuscript is too soon to tell. The flux in Chapter Five has to be brought to an end. Beyond that, just the continuous improvement story...

My Law and Econ class starts soon, and that will help the revision process, I hope. One book that I intend to read in the next few weeks is The Knockoff Economy by Raustiala and Sprigman -- I already draw heavily upon their earlier work for the "Copyright Vacuums" part of the manuscript.

I mentioned in August that I am facing a deadline for a paper on Behavioral Economics and Drug Policy. The deadline has become pressing, without much progress so far, though I have secured a co-author! I imagine the next nDrafts update will concern that paper. But in the meantime, I have taken on another paper commitment, this one on organ procurement; again, I am soliciting for a co-author.