Saturday, June 24, 2017

It was the Summer of '17

Time to check in, what with, oh, a year passing since the previous post. Should I chronicle the slew of missed deadlines, or focus on the odd past success or the ambitious agenda for the weeks ahead? Perhaps a smattering of all...

Loose ends to tie up:

(1) complete "Vice Policy in Russia: Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling," which I presented in November, 2016, but do not yet have a complete draft ready to post on; my new due date on this one: July 1, 2017 [as a side note, let me mention that I intend to upgrade my very poor Russian this summer];

(2) revise and post on "Selling Hope, Casino-Style." I have a complete draft, and presented it twice (in March and April, 2017); time to put on the finishing touches. Due date: July 8, 2017;

(3) revise the Parthenon Marbles paper -- I have never been happy with the last few pages. Due date: July 15, 2017;

(4) possibly revise, and maybe seek to publish, the cocaine regulation paper. Due date: July 22, 2017.

(5) take a look at my paper with Randy Beard, "Compensated Live Kidney Donations," and think about revising it or submitting it somewhere. I sort of like this paper, but like most of my papers, can't think of any obvious outlet for it. Due date: July 29, 2017.

So much for loose ends? As for my ambitious agenda on the reading front, this summer I hope to read up on animal welfare and policy. First in the queue is Can Animals Be Moral?, by Mark Rowlands. (One year ago, incidentally, I committed on this blog to reading Narconomics, by Tom Wainwright, and this is a case of the odd success.) And as for the research/writing agenda, well, I'll try to make some headway on my behavioral economics stuff...