Sunday, August 7, 2016

Parthenon Marbles, etc., Update

The delayed revision of the Parthenon Marbles paper was "completed" some time ago, though perhaps there will be more revisions in the future? At any rate, the current version is available here. And I did meet my reading goal of Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind, which is one of the best social science books I have read in quite awhile; only sorry I didn't read it a few years ago. Here's a short article by Cass Sunstein applying Haidt's ideas to the Republican National Convention of July, 2016.

For the future, well, I must buckle down for a (new) paper on Russian vice policy (alcohol, tobacco, gambling), but events related to that endeavor will be chronicled on the sister blog. I would like to make a reading commitment here, though: how about Narconomics, by Tom Wainwright? I'll also think about further revisions to the Parthenon Marbles paper,  and possibly look into submitting it to some perfectly innocent, unsuspecting journal.

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