Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Law and Econ Project, Culmination [Updated, July 16, 2015]

Concepts in Law and Economics: A Guide for the Curious will be out soon, oh but it will, through the good offices of Oxford University Press. Please celebrate by buying (OK, pre-ordering) multiple copies. If you are impatient -- and why shouldn't you be? -- the e-book already is available.

Loose Ends

In the most recent post I mentioned a few other tasks beyond the ongoing Law and Economics book project. They involved...

(1) reading a book on prostitution policy and writing a review of it;
(2) revising markedly a second kidney compensation paper (paper one is now out, available here); 
(3) writing a paper on the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum; and, 
(4) preparing a paper on vice policy for a conference in Russia.

Here is where progress stands...
(1) the book has been read, extensive notes taken, and a draft review has been fashioned but not polished; this project is now behind schedule, and I want to complete it soon;
(2) the revisions are complete and the kidney paper, for the time being, is in the able hands of my co-author;
(3) the Parthenon Marbles paper is essentially unstarted, but is now a top priority, with a schedule, and everything; and,
(4) the vice policy paper -- "Robust Alcohol Policy in Russia: Some Aspirational Measures" -- is complete, and can be downloaded at zero nominal charge here.