Sunday, January 11, 2015

Law and Econ Project, Update XIV

The "final" version of the L and E book went in to the publisher on October 5, a few days beyond the October 1 deadline. I then proceeded to drag my feet on various ancillary matters, but sent a further slightly revised version (responding to some editorial suggestions) on December 1. More foot dragging on my end with respect to design decisions (footnotes or endnotes? font and layout? cover art? acknowledgements?), but those have been handled and I believe the ball is in the publisher's court for the time being. I agreed to prepare the index myself, so when the proofs are ready I will have to take that on. My experience in this department is that the process of preparing an index is deadly dull -- but, for what it is worth, the index itself is probably better than using an outside contractor, and second, preparing it forces you to go over the text carefully one more time, a couple months after you last have looked at it, and that sometimes leads to improvements.

In the next few months I have to read a book on prostitution policy and write a review of it; revise markedly a second kidney compensation paper (paper one is now out, available here); write a paper on the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum; and, prepare a paper on vice policy for a conference in Russia. I will probably attempt to progress on some of the activities while using the companion blog to this one...  UPDATE: OK, I have decided to use Five Drafts only for the Russian vice policy paper and for the revisions to kidney paper 2. That leaves nDrafts as the place to report on the book review and the Parthenon Marbles.

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